Engineering & cost control

The repairer will prepare a computerised Audatex or Glassmatix estimate for repairs supported by digital images of the damaged area. The repairer will then network the estimate to CVS’s appointed engineering company who are measured on minimising costs and reducing vehicle off road times.

All CVS appointed engineering companies sign a strict service level agreement but they remain completely independent and impartial to CVS. Therefore cost savings are truly made on behalf of our customers. The success of our engineers performance can be objectively reviewed & benchmarked by CVS and our customers and if necessary replaced without changing the whole accident management programme

  • Digital inspection with real time decision making – Service level agreement (SLA) to action all estimates within 24 hours of being received
  • If a physical inspection is required the SLA is to inspect immobile vehicles within 48 hours of instruction being received
  • Ability to constantly monitor and measure engineers performance against their contractual SLAs through CVS system
  • All appointed engineering companies are regularly benchmarked against each other. All work can be electronically distributed to the best performing companies at the touch of a button when required
  • Repairers are performance managed in how accurate they are at preparing ‘right first time’ estimates
  • External work in progress audits are carried out on repairers when vehicles are in for repair
  • Regular external audits carried out on repairers